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Hello there!

2012-06-02 00:48:30 by TheScratchify

Hello! I am TheScratchify, but please call me Duke. I am trying to make Techno and Dubstep music. They are my two favorite musical genres. I don't really animate, but I do make art. One thing I have to get to you is that:
I am a brony. If you do not like bronies, you do not have to go to my profile or anything else. Thank you.

My art is on paper, because I do not have a tablet, and I can't draw with my mouse.
Time for websites! :3

My Gaming Youtube Channel: EngineerFortress2 (YOUTUBE)
My Music Youtube Channel: The Scratchify (YOUTUBE)
Shirts: Shirts for Sale
My Steam: Scratchify (STEAM)
My Deviant Art: DjDubstepPony
My Website/Brony Artist Gamers: Brony Artist Gamers
My Livestream: Engineerfortress2 (LIVESTREAM)

I wish everyone a great day!

Hello there!


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